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Our Creatives Dream Big - We Think Bigger!

Our mission at Think IP is to promote your content into as many territories as possible. We work with creatives of all types to develop and exploit their intellectual property into an ever-increasing market of digital platforms and traditional broadcasters. We are continually seeking new content for a voracious global audience. So whether you are an established producer or an individual with an idea worth developing - get in touch and let's explore how best we can monetise your project. 

Who we are

Our team of highly experienced and motivated professionals are available to help propel your content into the market. With many years of experience in the industry, we have the expertise to provide comprehensive, first-rate services to our clients.

Commercial Director

Greta Kania 

With her background as a business adviser for an international   manufacturer, Greta has the knowledge needed to help our clients with any business-related issues. Since 2016 she has run her own distribution channel and oversees all matters digital.

Chief Creative Officer

Andrew McIntyre

Andrew is an author in his own right and has created, developed and sold children's animated properties. His experience and contacts within the industry has helped creatives launch their content into the marketplace for over a decade.

Some Of Our Partners

We work with broadcasters, content producers, mobile app platforms, distributors and creatives internationally, to secure the best deals for all concerned. Whatever your discipline (writer, artist, animation, photographer, games designer or other) feel free to contact us to explore how we can help you reach your audience.


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